Aura Soma/ Window to the Soul

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   A short while ago I came across images of these gorgeous bottles filled with layered liquid colour, seeing them immediately made my mind stop and my heart open, in other words it kind of woke me up. The colours and their combinations kept appearing in my mind long afterwards, so I figured I’d investigate them a little more. Turns out that they’re part of a natural healing system called Aura Soma. I found a book about it online and ordered it right away.  I had a feeling there would be something in it for me.  And boy was I right!  When it arrived I was surprised to find that it was an autobiography of sorts.  Within the pages I discovered not only the purpose and function of the bottles but the life story of a remarkable and inspiring healer named Vicky Wall.
   Vicky Wall had a somewhat challenging and complicated childhood growing up in England in the 1920’s. Her mother passed away leaving her and her six older siblings with a caustic stepmother.  Leaving home at sixteen, her luck changed and she found work as an assistant to an Apothecary under who’s tutelage she eagerly soaked up knowledge of many plant-based medicines. After making an error in a formulation and desperately attempting to salvage it, she began experimenting with the ingredients and concocted various skincare creams which turned out to be effective and eventually popular.
   This aspect of her life as a skincare hand-crafter was fascinating to me and would likely be of interest to any of us who follow this passion. As she matured she went off to University and became one of England’s first female Chiropody Surgeons, opening a clinic with her good friend Margaret Cockbain who practiced osteopathy. Once again, as an R.M.T. I was inspired by her skills and pioneering nature with regards to her alternative approach to healthcare. Later in life however, as she was nearing her sixties and diabetic, her health was such that she could no longer work in the same capacity.
   One fateful evening inspiration came to her and she somewhat mysteriously began to create what would become known as Aura Soma (translates as ‘light-being‘); glass bottles containing layered liquid colors, made of organic olive oil, biodynamic herbs, hydrosols, essences and natural colors. These oils were to be applied to various places on the body and taken-in visually and vibrationally as well. In truth Vicky had a deep understanding of the profound influence of color upon physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing through research and her own ability to see auras since childhood. Her work has resonated (literally!) with thousands of people since. There are now over one hundred different coloured bottles (known as Equilibrium Bottles) that have been created that serve our greater awareness and pure consciousness.
   What was particularly fascinating to me is that I had been curious how aspects of Colour Therapy would work for a blind person and was amazed to find that by this point Vicky was legally blind! A renaissance woman to be sure, Vicky brought her creative vision forth and despite many odds created a wondrous residential training centre called Dev Aura “House of Light” in the English countryside where self-discovery through colour is taught.
Vicky Wall passed away in 1991 graciously leaving us her healing gemlike potions.
Today her protege Mike Booth continues her mission.
XO Susannah
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