Japanese Konjac Sponges

konjak shower                     hanging k             trees

YAY! So pleased to announce that we are now offering 100% natural and eco friendly Konjac Sponges. It took us awhile to source out a company that also provides completely recyclable packaging, and allows us to support local business.

There’s a lot of hype about these simple sponges in the skincare world and it’s true that they really are wonderfully effective. Often products that are either crappy for the environment (recall those horrible plastic exfoliating beads!?), or expensive contraptions like the Clarisonic, or ladened with toxins that are unsafe for both our bodies and the planet, are the ones receiving the hype. This exceptional product is a Japanese plant, literally, and is therfore explicitly safe for the planet and safe for personal use. It’s a bit hard to describe how these little things work, the words that comes to mind are ‘polishing’ and ‘lustrous’.  Although they’re described as exfoliating these sponges are infact utterly gentle on delicate skin, even the eye area. They are a dream come true for those with very sensitive skin! You can scrub as hard as you like and you will not damage or irritate your skin, yet the results are incredibly smooth and soft skin. I use my sponge each night with  WM’s Facial Soap, I then massage in some Facial Serum and Face Cream around my eyes, by the morning my skin looks luminous. Konjac sponges that are handcrafted in Japan are yet another rediscovery of mother natures healthy, helpful bounty. And, heck, they really do make your skin look and feel fantastic!