DIY/ natural lipstick

BODY BUTTER TUTORIAL / “get the body butter baby….”

Hi all!

Join me & Angie as we create a simplified version of WM body butter:)

Classes in Los Angeles (April 2018)

Susannah will be teaching about co-impact sourced essential oils in sunny LA.

1)Mindfulness/awareness and daily practices to reduce stress and connect with life!

Open Eye Crystals / April 19th

2)Ethical business with doTerra for artists, actors, musicians and healthcare practitioners for financial health and burnout reduction.

the Green Table Cafe / April 20th

Events are free and ASL friendly!

*hosts are musicians Avasa Love and Ben Lee*


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Junk-Free Holiday Gifts

WM classy

Join us for some no BS, clean & green holiday gift and/or self-care crafting! 

  ATTENTION: December 16th is from 2-3pm—> drop us a line if you would like to join in!

On the list: Lip Balm, Body Scrub, Holiday Room Spray, Aromatherapy Roll-In, Candles, Cuticle Cream, Gingerbread Soap, Foaming Face Wash & Foaming Hand Soap.  See ya!

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