Peace, Love & Empower Event


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When one of our stockists, the Innate Wellness Health Shop, asked if Wildrose Magnolia would contribute a gift box for the Peace, Love, Empower Event we were so pleased and happy to do so. This will be the first of an annual event that will benefit various Toronto causes and charities. This year support will go to the Jean Augustine Center for Young Women’s Empowerment. Jean Augustine is a passionate trail blazer who has made many positive contributions to the social landscape of Canada. As a School Principal in her early years she went on to make history as the first black woman elected to the House of Commons; as the first black woman to serve in cabinet, as a Member of the Order of Canada and as a Queen’s Jubilee Medal Recipient and so much more. The Jean Augustine Center will provide support and training free of charge to unleash the powerful potential of young women.

The event looks awesome with wonderful sponsors and many, many goodies to feel great about!

Sunday, November 30th @639 Queen Street West, 1-6pm

Non Toxic Skincare and Cosmetics

Do you know that approximately 70% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bodies? Our skin is an organ just as our heart and lungs are organs. So we need to ask ourselves, what is actually in these products that we apply daily? Although many are harmless, there are thousands of unregulated chemicals used in the cosmetic industry and research has shown that some of these are linked to hormonal disruption and even cancer. Wildrose Magnolia is a proud sponsor of Environmental Defense Canada and has taken their pledge to commit to providing non-toxic products that do not contain the ‘Toxic Ten’. One dollar from the purchase of each and every WM Body Butter goes to support their work.

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Kevin Drew/ Hilarious Infomercial!

One of Wildrose Magnolia’s 100% natural/non toxic, fair trade, eco friendly, nourishing Body Butters. Handmade with LOVE! Apply often and have fun! $1.00 goes to  Make the transition to healthy skincare. Please recycle.



Kevin Drew/ Darlings

Darlings is available in stores today. Receive a mini body butter with purchase at select stores!


Photo Shoot with Norman Wong

Getting ready for a photo shoot with the brilliant photographer Norman Wong. Toronto makeup artist Caitlyn Allen uses Wildrose Magnolia’s cosmetics to accentuate beauties Marielle and Diana.