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The Story in a nutshell

I had given Kevin my body butter a couple birthdays ago; he thought the name ‘body butter’ was amusing, he’d never heard of it before. He ended up loving the stuff and putting it to good use…. Flash forward, it became the first song on his album Darlings and he asked if I would make some product for record release day and the merch-table on tour. I loved the playfulness of the idea and ran with it. I’m very much inspired by Kevin, a perfect angel he’s not, but who would want that? Yet, I have seen him time and time again, behind the scenes, act in the most generous and equitable manner, with a big open heart. Kevin has a love for people and collaborates with just about everyone! Ultimately, Broken Social Scene and its ‘collective’ feel is a mirror of Kevin’s own mind and soul. There are many in this City that owe him thanks, including myself. My family life is pulsing with music, my husband is a musician and there are constantly bands brainstorming and rehearsing at our home. It only made sense that my growing skincare line would offer elements of rock ‘n’ roll magic.

-From an interview with Kimone Anderson