Valentine’s Cacao

coco2 (Lavender Chocolate Hearts)

If you’ve read my previous blog you’d know that I have recently discovered the art of making chocolate! I’m talking real, raw, dark, packed with nutrition and made from pure cacao. I am beyond thrilled!

This is a quick update on some other variations using the simple (dead easy) recipe in the last post (sans peanut butter):

Toasted coconut crunch– Toast 3/4 cup of  shaved coconut in raw (extra virgin) coconut oil and a touch of coconut sugar and himalayan sea salt either in a fry pan, baked on an oven sheet or prepared in a dehydrator. Add toasted coconut to chocolate and pour into a mold (be creative!). I used one intended for soap making.

Lavender Chocolate- Simply add 4 drops of lavender essential oils! This tastes sooo beautiful and makes me feel like I’m in the Lavender Fields of Prince Edward County! Pour chocolate into a mold. I used a heart shaped ice cube tray from Ikea.

*Store pure raw chocolates in the freezer.



coco 1 (Toasted Coconut)