About Us

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                   Susannah Spearin, Founder & Crafter


All Wildrose Magnolia products are made from the tried and trusted fruits of mother nature’s bounty and not from the plethora of questionable, manufactured chemicals used by many big name companies. These products are 100% natural/toxin free, eco-conscious, and crafted with care in small batches. The vision behind WM is to provide you with nourishing, non-toxic products that cover your entire day; from your morning shower, through your active daily life, to a fun night out on the town, with each step knowing that what you have applied to your absorptive skin has been beneficial to your body and easy on the earth. Essentially we offer a one-stop-shop, that takes the guess work out of deciphering ingredient lists, and covers many of your skincare/ cosmetics needs.


Please check in often as new, or seasonal products are often in the works, and we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank-you for your interest!

To your health and happiness,