About Lovely People

Thank you lovely people!

There are a number of people who helped to shape Wildrose Magnolia whom I’d like to shower with love and appreciation.

My daughters, without them this little company would not exist. There are  two important reasons for this: One, when I first became pregnant – a decade ago – I transitioned to all-natural skincare and little by little I began making all our household skincare products myself.  Secondly, the business is named after them!  Yes, Wildrose and Magnolia are two lovely little humans who are determinedly on their way to becoming wonderful women.

Ingrid Paulson, the fabulous prize-winning Toronto book designer that bridges the gap between intellect and cool, who configured my simple-yet-sophisticated labels.

Hieram Weintraub, visual artist, for saving the day with his magnificent true-to-life Kevin Drew Illustration.

Norman Wong, master photographer, for being my hero in general and for taking such undeniably bewitching portraits for the website.

Charles Spearin, for being my love, and for my black-background product shots.

Natasha Milijasevic PhD, who’s bright, super-creative and a hoot, for business consultation and photography.

Caitlin Allen, a makeup artist with skilled hands that produce looks that range from subtle perfection to cutting edge glamour.

Marielle LaRue, bartender, dean’s list smartypants, culture vulture and model. For her laser-beam eyes and firey red hair.

Diana Bentley, fearless old-soul housed in a young woman’s body, our model and a Toronto actress to look out for.

Jennifer Code, heath-care worker, poet and dancer…well, maybe not a professional dancer but she does this whimsical dance during the holiday season to Burl Ives – Holly and the Ivy – it’s the stuff of Christmas Miracles! …for  shampoo poetry.

Colleen Hixenbaugh, Divine nanny to the stars, ex New Yorker and rockin’ Toronto musician, for giving poetic verse to hair conditioner.

Molly Sarle, a wild horse and a Mountain Man, for body butter poetry.   

Leslie Feist, a household name to be sure but also a genuinely good friend to all who know her, for helping put words to fragrance.

Kevin Drew, the real mayor of Toronto.