Body Bar/ Summer Sauna


Product Description

Handcrafted Body Bar Soap

Body Bar/ Summer Sauna. Our eco-conscious handcrafted soap is highly moisturizing and made the old fashioned way. Our bars are cured a minimum of 4 weeks. For more information about our soap making process please check out the About Soap page.

Summer Sauna Blend: Cedar & Lavender

Ingredients/ aqua, olive oil (olea europaea), *raw coconut oil (cocos nucifera), avocado oil (persea americana), beeswax (cera alba), lye (natrium), essential oils of *cedar (cedrus) & *lavender (lavandula agustifolia), mica. *Certified Organic (100g)



Body Bar soap in Summer Sauna: Imagine the smell of a sauna, the scent of summer, and light lavender all rolled into one natural soap. Smells like heaven to me—which might explain why I’m already on my second bar. It lathers nicely, and is perfect for shaving. And it rinses normally, without the extended wash-off some other soaps require. And like all the products reviewed here, the smell is beautiful, but not overwhelming.  $7.

-Lauren @LAB Luxury Designer Consignment